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We cover a significant number of behind the scenes and front of house services such as:

  • Attending & facilitating your participation in IEP meetings,

  • Scheduling & gathering information,

  • Student observations,

  • Thorough data reviews to look for trends & needs, and more.

New Client Packages

5 hours of Service time - $1750

10 hours of service time - $3500

Please feel free to reach out to schedule your non-refundable $150 30-minute consultation to learn more about what we can do to support you and your child! 

We know that families who come to us are already under so much pressure: 

  • Demands from the school, 

  • The breakdown of support for their children, and

  • Their struggles to ensure their children live joyful, fulfilling lives


Adding the additional pressures of financially supporting advocacy can feel like too much to handle. Having effective support and someone demanding the expectations you have for your child’s education does come with increased financial stress. 


We are here to help. While we cannot guarantee that your family will qualify for any financial assistance, we will help you request it!


  • We will help you with determining your community resources,

  • We will help you with your application for financial assistance, and

  • We will work with you regarding payment options should you not qualify for assistance.  


What to expect

We offer new clients the following two service packages as a starting point. Some families find that these packages are enough to address their concerns, and others choose to extend our services in a more permanent case management relationship.

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