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Children in Indoor Playground
Children in Indoor Playground


"As an elementary school special education teacher, I thought navigating my son's high school special education process was going to be easy, but it was not. After including Meryl, I never left meetings with his school frustrated or lost. Her knowledge of the special education processes and laws made the difference between my son struggling alone and my son getting the services he needs. The love and support she showed my family is second to none, she truly cares and will fight for your child's needs."

"Meryl is who you want on your side when it comes to the most important people in your life, your kiddos! She is passionate, and furiously good at what she does! She is relentless at going after what is equitable and deserved and will not back down until your child receives what they need. She has made true impact in improving the lives of those she serves."

"Meryl is absolutely amazing, and she keeps everything focused on the child's best interest/wellbeing. I only wish her services were available for every student as part of educational process."

"I have had the privilege of working with Meryl on a variety of projects. Meryl is the best in Colorado in ensuring your loved ones receive the best educational supports and access in their schools. Meryl takes the time to truly understand each case, and support families as they navigate the school environment. Meryl and her team are so incredibly efficient, timely, and truly care about you on a personal level with each interaction. Not only does she do the above, but she also spends her time working on the policies, laws, and procedures that schools systems in Colorado put in place, to increase fairness and access for all people.
If you are considering working with an educational advocate, do not miss the opportunity to work with Duguay Ed."

"Meryl’s passion for helping kids, her knowledge of teaching, her connections within the systems, and her expertise in law and how it is applied make her an amazing advocate. She is dauntless, bold, and determined. No drama or showboating, she is serious, informed, and assertive as well as ambitious in her demands that school districts give our kids what they need and deserve. I have used 3 advocates and Meryl is the very best professional defender my child has had. I am so grateful that one of the best educational lawyers in the nation referred us to Meryl. She works the case aggressively, follows up, and communicates clearly what she needs. Her billing is done fairly. We aren’t done, but I am looking forward to the results because she knows our case and she knows how to hold districts to account. I can breathe again knowing she is fighting for us."

"Meryl has been a saving grace to our organization. Her knowledge, passion, and expertise shine through. Meryl is thorough, professional, and dedicated to yielding the best end result for each individual student and family she serves. I highly recommend working with Meryl as your educational advocate!"

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