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  • Your child is being evaluated for eligibility for Special Education and you have concerns or want training regarding the process. 

  • You need someone to listen to the school and collaborate without too much emotional involvement to ensure the best outcome. 

  • You’re a teacher, as well as a parent, but you are stepping out of your comfort zone and want the confidence that comes from collaboration. 

  • You have been unable to build consensus (agreement) with the school team collaborative process. 

  • You are concerned about the quality and implementation of the IEP and want to explore additional ways to help your student learn. 

  • You need assistance with navigating options and services for your child. 

  • The school team made changes to the IEP that you do not agree with or without informing you in the legally required manner.

  • Any time you need to appeal or dispute an IEP decision made by the school or district. 

  • You have concerns regarding bullying or discrimination from peers or staff that are educating your child.

This list is not exhaustive but reflects many of the cases we have supported. If you aren’t sure that an educational advocate would be appropriate in your situation, please fill out our new client intake and schedule your non-refundable $150 consultation.

Let Us Advocate For You

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